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About Su

I’m Su Florence (hence Florrie), the craft bookbinder behind the scenes at Florrie. Florrie is a one woman enterprise, so if you see a post on social media , or want to email Florrie, or read a blog post (get started here), its all be created by me, Su. Of course, this also means that I create all the books you’ll find on the Florrie shop , from sourcing the fabric to hand sewing them.

I currently work from my home studio, in Cupar Scotland.  I’m inspired by nature, and feel most at home whilst rambling through the beautiful forests and beaches near my home in Fife.   Although I love texture and tactile object, I believe every item should be practical and built to last, so have created Florrie books to be both beautiful and hard wearing. This has been achieved by using high quality materials, such as Swiss linen threads and thick 140 gsm, FSC, acid free, paper produced in a British Mill. Learn more about Florrie materials.  

My personal love for making books came during my PhD at St Andrews University and I used it out as a means to relax after long days the chemistry labs.  Over the decade that has followed, my book binding tools have been in and out of their boxes whenever time allowed but my passion for beautifully crafted handmade books has remained constant.  This passion has driven me to continually strive to improve my skills and expertise as a bookbinder, and explore materials in order to develop a unique and distinctive style of books.  

As a small independent business, I am also passionate about championing local makers.  Follow me on Instagram where I regularly share local creatives that I love. Also recently, Florrie has launched a blog to discuss various topics, offering free creative business advice, to help those starting out.

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About Florrie Books


Florrie is a stationery company that prides itself on a strong sustainable ethos by creating unique luxury notebooks, journals and sketchbooks, from reclaimed materials which are both equally beautiful as they are hard wearing.  Florrie books are not mass produced. Each book has been cut, folded and created (learn more about our process here), favouring the traditional binding methods to create beautiful, yet highly practical items.




All Florrie notebooks, journals, and sketchbooks are made by hand, with a preference for using reclaimed fabric, Su has sourced all our material from industrial excess stores (such as ScrapAntics in Dundee) or small batch remnants sales. This fabric is then turned into handmade book cloth.  In doing this, Florrie books are made in unique small batches, with ever changing designs. This method also means that perfectly usable textiles are saved from landfill.  The resulting fabric covers produce books that are hard wearing, yet highly tactile.


Paper is sourced from Seawhite of Brighton. As standard Florrie uses 140 gsm, although other weights are available (enquire here). This paper is designed to withstand medium to dry moisture, for writing or sketching.

(Click here to see Tablet and Haar using her sketchbook on Instagram)


Books are hand sewn using high quality swiss linen thread. Florrie books favour an exposed binding known as a Coptic stitch (also known as link stitch), which allows the books to lay flat during use. This is particular popular with artists and writers.

You can browse our latest stock on our online store, on Etsy or at one of our stockists.


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