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Eligibility Criteria for Free School Books Program

School Enrollment 


The free school books program is available to primary schools in the UK that are officially registered and recognised by the Department for Education (DfE).


Educational Impact

Schools must demonstrate how the provision of free books will positively impact students' educational outcomes and support literacy initiatives within the school community. This may include outlining specific reading programs, literacy goals, or curriculum enhancements that will be supported by the free books.

Commitment to Literacy

Schools must show a commitment to promoting literacy and reading culture among their students. This may include participation in reading initiatives, engagement with parents and caregivers on the importance of reading, and integration of literacy activities into the school curriculum.

Application Process

Schools interested in participating in the free school books program must complete an application form provided by Rescued Reads by Florrie. The application form will require schools to provide information about their enrollment, financial need, educational impact, and commitment to literacy.

Applications will be open at various points throughout the year depending on funding available. Notice for applications will be announced on our website, in our newsletter and on our social media channels.

Applications must be done via the forms during the application time frame. Applications cannot be processed outside these times or by Email/DMs via social media at any time.  

Selection Process

Applications will be reviewed and assessed based on the eligibility criteria outlined above. Priority will be given to schools that demonstrate the greatest potential impact on student literacy. Selection decisions will be made at the discretion of Rescued Reads by Florrie and its partners.


Participating schools will be required to do a short evaluation report of the impact of the free books program on student literacy and any educational outcomes. This information will be used to assess the effectiveness of the program and inform future initiatives. Please note, by submitting these reports permission is also given to use any feedback on our website and social media channels.

By adhering to these eligibility criteria, Rescued Reads by Florrie aims to ensure that free school books are distributed equitably and effectively to schools in need, ultimately contributing to the promotion of literacy and educational success for all students.


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