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A Custom Book For Kim

March 2022

I was delighted when Kim Sullivan (of Leaf Natural Food Wraps and She Also Makes Stamps) mentioned making a book using her mushroom print fabric. I’d first encountered this gorgeous print when she posted it on Instagram, where it was to be used for a limited run of mushroom foraging bags and tea towels and was in love with it then. Seeing it up close, I could fully appreciate the detail in the hand carved prints!

Hand printed mushroom fabric by She Also Makes Stamps (photo by Kim Sullivan)

Kim is by far my one of my favourite humans and business owners I’ve met since starting Florrie, and this isn’t the first book I’ve had the pleasure of making for her. Custom books for Kim are always a joy to work on, as she has a keen eye for design and a passion for sustainability and local businesses. In fact, this led to Florrie making two notebooks (one for Kim and one as a gift) using handwoven tweed from Newburgh Handloom Weavers in 2020.

Tweed book commissioned December 2020 (photo by Kim Sullivan)

The mushroom book would use the last remnants of Kim’s fabric. The stamps are all hand carved, printed using a subtle earthy pallet on an organic calico fabric (the same fabric that Kim favours for her waxed food wraps). Kim opted for recycled pages from Cup Cycling (made using post-consumer coffee cups). Austrian green linen thread was then used in binding with a Coptic stitch. (Kim is left-handed so favours this binding as it can lay flat during use!)

Completed coptic bound blank notebook.

Kim will use the book to document the custom stamps that she creates (enquire here). Follow her on Instagram for more about this work.

I’m keeping fingers crossed for more of this mushroom fabric in the future, don’t you think it would make an excellent recipe book?? (watch this space!)

Su 💚


Intrested in your own custom books? Find out more wholesale, bulk and custom information here or Email Su to discuss your project further!

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