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A guide for busy people who want to read more but spend less.

Updated: May 1

If you’ve been following Florrie on Instagram for a while, you’ll know that I’m not just content with making books but I also love nothing more than to curl up and read. As I share more about what I'm reading a few DMs have been sliding into my inbox about how I can afford both the time and money to read books as many as I have.

Before I answer that, I want to give a bit of background about my reading habits. I've always been a reader but there were a few years I really struggled to find the time and motivation to read. In 2014, my reading was at an all-time low and I read one book (Us by David Nicholls, if you wanted to know!). Over the years I've tried to build a better 'reading habit' and this year I finally felt optimistic enough to declare to my Goodreads that i would read 100 books! Now that I’ve just 'electronically shelved' my 89th, I’m on track to achieve my target but it was in no way an overnight change from that one book in 2014.

Also mentioned in the message that received was the cost associated with reading 100 books. With a RRP of £8.99 per book in the UK, I can fully appreciate how this would be viewed as a VERY expensive hobby, so more than anything else, I wanted to address how there are various ways to indulge a reading habit without breaking the bank.

So here is my guide for busy people who want to read more but spend less (As requested on Instagram DMs).


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Book sleeves and book mark by Florrie

1. Use your local library.

Get yourself signed up for the local library! Literally, FREE BOOKS. As a family, we do a weekly visit to our local library as my kids are also avid reader and this trip saves us a fortune. 

My preferred method is to reserve books in advance using the online catalogue so then I just have to pop by and collect them at the weekend.  I also reserve the kid’s books so I can research a bit about what they are reading but I also like to encourage them to pick more books when we are there so they are developing their own preferences and tastes.

2. Read what you already have at home.

3. Use swap stations like Little Free Libraries.

4. Listen to audiobooks.

5. Download the Libby app.

6. Do not suffer through books you are not enjoying.

7. Work reading into your daily routine.

8. Buy second-hand books.


There we go, that’s a list of top tips! Do you have a time/cost-saving tip to help? Add it to the comments below!

Happy Reading!


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