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A Tale of Transformation: How Florrie's Bookmarks Got a Makeover

Hey there, fellow bookworms!

Today, I want to spill the tea on a little transformation happening here at Florrie – our handmade bookmarks are getting a glow-up!

So, back in my big pharma days, my job was all about making things run smoother, greener, and more profitable. Fast forward to Florrie, and that same mindset is still driving the ship. I'm all about finding ways to do things better, even if it's just one little tweak at a time.

Enter our beloved bookmarks. They used to come packaged in these cute compostable glassine envelopes, sealed up with Kraft stickers. Cute, right? But we couldn't shake the feeling that there might be something better out there.

Florrie handmade bookmarks in glassine packaging
Florrie bookmarks in old packaging

After a bit of brainstorming and a whole lot of tea-fueled creativity, we had a lightbulb moment: why not switch things up with some new backing cards made from recycled and compostable materials? Genius, right?

And let me tell you, the difference is like night and day. Now, instead of hiding away in those glassine envelopes, our bookmarks are front and center on these snazzy new cards. It's like they're saying, "Hey, check me out! Aren't I just the coolest thing you've ever seen?"

florrie handmade bookmarks in new 100% recycled kraft card backing cards
Florrie bookmarks with new display cards.

But wait, there's more! With the switch to backing cards, we can add some backing text and shout from the rooftops about how these bookmarks are made from paper offcuts from our notebooks and Coptic covers!

And get this – by getting our backing cards from our trusty paper supplier, we've nixed the need for extra deliveries. Less carbon footprint, and more time for me to indulge in some audiobook action while I hand-cut the backing cards, and load up these bookmarks. Win-win!

So there you have it, folks. The story of how a little bit of creativity and a whole lot of tea turned our bookmarks from drab to fab. Stay tuned for more adventures in the world of Florrie – who knows what we'll come up with next?

Until next time, happy reading!


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