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Shedio : Phase 1 is Done!

Hooray! The pile of slightly haphazard summer shed panels that had been gifted to me last year, has now been (miraculously) transformed into a gorgeously (watertight) building that will become the new FlorrieHQ!

Shedio is up and shining in the Scottish Sun!

Let me back track a little because I’ll be the first to admit that my social media presence has been ‘sketchy’ over the last few months, and the back story for the location change of said Florrie HQ has been patchy.

Early in 2022, I started renting a lovely office space just outside my home town with a fabulous bunch of makers and producers. When moving in, I felt this was the right ‘direction’ for Florrie as I’d be taking on more wholesale orders and was looking for room to expand. The dedicated space was fabulous. I could leave sharp tools safely away from my kids, and projects in various stages to return to. (If you’re not a maker, this is a dream when you’re working from a kitchen table and ‘stuff’ seem to be taking over ever nook in the house.)

However, at some point round March, just before starting a large wholesale order, we were stuck THE SPICY COUGH (that shall remain nameless) and we were in quarantine (annoyingly, away from my tools). Then when we all shook that free, one child came down with chicken pox- who recovered well but only for the next child to break out exactly 2 weeks later when the first could go back to school. As much as we tried to juggle the childcare, my husband’s job is less flexible, so it meant days/weeks went by where I was going in at 8pm or at 5 am to the office to work on wholesale orders because I was acutely aware that deadlines needed to be met and rent was still due to be paid.

Summer was then suddenly upon us (enter more childcare juggles), the office remained largely dormant again, bar a few more weird 5am/8pm sessions, and some work migrating to the house again. It dawned on me that although sometimes chaotic, it best suited my lifestyle to work from home. Cutting my overheads would also mean I could do less wholesale and explore new products I’d wanted to, but hadn’t had the free time to do as yet. However, I still wanted the freedom to leave the sharp tools out and incomplete projects that were awaiting my return. Moving to a bigger home wasn’t an option so a ‘garden office’ would be the best option (Authors note: Best to banish the imagery of grand design ideas before reading any more! It’s not that type of blog post).

Purely serendipitously, I found out a friend was looking to clear an old summerhouse from her garden and would gift it to me!! So one October weekend, teamed with ALL the power tools, we* dismantled it. I won’t lie, it wasn’t easy. Nearly 7hrs later of ‘bashing’, we had a pile of panels. Then It took a bit more bashing to get it out from my friends garden, however we* brought it home and set out repairing the panels.

Removing rotten wood for replacing.

Once the rotten wood had been removed and replaced (thanks to quick delieveries from MGM timber) we were now into middle of November so we decided it was for the best to cover it with a huge waterproof sheets and waited until spring to reassemble it so it could be dried out before adding any internal insulation.

Pile of the freshly repaired panels

Roll forward to Spring and a few days of nice weather we decided it was time to put build the Shedio! Thankfully, it came together much quicker than it took to take apart (i mean, marginally), maninly thanks to the new impact driver (seriously, i don't get excited about thiings like this, but it was magic!) and boxes AND BOXES of extra strong wood screws!

View from the new shedio.

So thats it, It’s up and drying out! My son calls it ‘Mums Den’, which I love. Of course, there’s work still to be done, insulating and the like, but I’m excited for the next stage

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*Important note. We, in this case is mainly my lovely husband, who’s not only supported this plan (mad as it’s been at times) but done a vast majority of the heavy lifting and repairs. Thank you x

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