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Unleash Your Creativity: Introducing Florrie's Mix Media Journals!

Greetings, fellow creators!

I'm thrilled to reconnect with all of you and share the exciting news of the latest addition to the Florrie book club lineup – our brand new handmade Mix Media Journals!

These tactile wonders, crafted in the convenient A5 slim size, are designed to ignite the creative spirit within artists, designers, writers, and adventurers alike. With their diverse range of mix media papers, each journal presents a canvas brimming with potential, eagerly awaiting exploration and experimentation.

What sets these journals apart is their meticulously curated content. From smooth, transparent vellum to luxuriously textured watercolor paper, the variety of surfaces within these pages offers a playground for creative expression. Whether your medium of choice is ink, paint, or pencil, these journals provide the perfect backdrop for your artistic vision to flourish.

In true Florrie fashion, each Mix Media Journal is handcrafted with care, ensuring a unique and personalized touch. Using only the finest linen thread, availble currently in red or black, these journals are bound to withstand the test of time, becoming cherished companions on your creative journey.

The covers, made from 100% recycled kraft 300gsm card, not only provide a sturdy exterior but also serve as an additional creative space. Whether adorned with sketches, collage, or simply left bare to showcase its natural beauty, the possibilities are endless.

I'm eagerly anticipating the masterpieces that will grace the pages of these journals. Remember to share your creations with us by tagging Florrie on social media with #florriebooks – I can't wait to see the creativity and imagination that flourishes within each of you.

So, without further ado, dive into the world of Mix Media Journals and unleash your creativity like never before. You can find these delightful creations on the Florrie shop – happy creating!

Until next time,


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