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Rescued Reads by Florrie

Dive into a world of preloved literary treasures with our mystery boxes, all while championing sustainability! Each box is packed with surprises, offering an exciting journey through handpicked books. Experience the joy of discovery and support children's literacy with 20% of proceeds going towards buying books for primary schools in the UK. Embark on a reading adventure today!

How Rescued Reads by Florrie works

Select your preferred genre or let fate decide for you!

We'll handpick a book from our extensive library, ensuring it's in excellent condition.

Your chosen book will be lovingly wrapped, concealing its title and author and posted directly to you free of charge!

Open your package and let the magic unfold as you delve into a world of characters, settings, and plots waiting to captivate your imagination!





Got a Question?

Vist our Rescued Reads by Florrie FAQ or contact us here.

Our Mission

Embracing our preloved book boxes not only endorses sustainability but actively contributes to our mission of minimizing book waste in UK landfills.

With 20% of our profits dedicated to providing books for primary schools, your purchase is fueling a significant effort to inspire the next generation of readers.

Together, we're not just flipping through pages; we're molding futures, one story at a time.

Free Books for UK Primary Schools

Is your UK primary school facing a shortage of books?


Explore our eligibility criteria to find out how your school can benefit from our initiative. Our 'Free Books for UK Primary Schools Program' aims to address the pressing need for reading materials in educational institutions across the country.

Through this scheme, we're dedicated to ensuring that every child has access to quality literature. By providing free books to primary schools, we aim to foster a love for reading and support literacy development among young learners.

To participate, simply review our eligibility criteria to see if your school qualifies. We believe that investing in education is key to shaping a brighter future, and our program is committed to making a meaningful impact in communities nationwide.


Join us in empowering the next generation of readers and learners!

Reading Accessories

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